Engineered Ceramics Manufacturing

SG - (Structural Grade) Dense Refractory Products

Asbestos Substitute


This versatile family of ceramic refractories, with its unique blend of structural, thermal, and electrical (non-conducting) properties,
is ideal for virtually any high-temperature and structural insulation application

A natural substitute for asbestos, plastic, wood, silicate, mica, metal, castable and vacuum-formed products, they're available in a wide range of densities and chemical compositions.

Easy to machine, handle, and apply. Typical product forms include sheeds, boards, cylinders, and engineered shapes.

Combust Image

Chemical Composition Range: Silica to aluminosilicate to alumina.
Density: 0.97 g/cc (60 pcf) to 2.30 g/cc (145 pcf).
Temperature Range: 232°C (400°F) to 1649°C (3000°F).
Advantages: Structural and thermal shock resistant, machinable.

AirCER (AC) - Advanced Ceramic Fiber Products

AirCER (AC) are engineered ceramic fiber insulation materials often used as a superior alternative to conventional vacuum-formed ceramic fiber shapes and castable products.


AC Products are available in standard densities of 22 pcf, 30 pcf, and 45 pcf. Shapes reaching 60 pcf and 75 pcf densities are available upon request.

These robust products are suitable for hot face temperatures of 2300°F to 3275°F. Product forms include boards, cylinders, and custom shapes. Additional treatment options such as rigidizing and prefired shapes are also available.

Burner Blcok

Chemical Composition: Aluminosilicate to 99% Alumina.
Density: 0.35 g/cc (22 pcf), 0.48 g/cc (30 pcf), 0.71 g/cc (45 pcf), 0.95 g/cc (60 pcf), 1.19 g/cc (75 pcf).
Temperature Range: 1260°C (2300°F) to 1800°C (3275°F).
Advantages: Superior strength, erosion resistant, stable to very high temperatures and thermal cycling.
Shapes: Specializing in thick and large shapes for extremely harsh environments (i.e. areas of combustion). Quick turnaround of engineered shapes.

PF - Prefired Shapes


PF - Prefired Shapes offer exceptional chemical, thermal, and structural stability for a variety of industrial heating applications.

A wide variety of densities, ceramic compositions, and shapes to meet specific requirements is available upon request.

We can offer quick turnaround of special shapes by machining in-stock blocks of refractory. Additional options such as heat treat, additives, and surface coats are also available.

Refractory Composition: Silica, alumina-based, magnesia-based, SiC, zirconia-based.
Density: 1.42 g/cc (90 pcf).
Temperature Range: 1204°C (2200°F) to 1649°C (3000°F).
Advantages: Thermal stability, wide selection.


  • ● Burner tiles
  • ● Peepsights
  • ● Hot-face furnace insulation
  • ● Specialty boards
  • ● Kiln furniture
  • ● Ceramic cylinders
  • ● Insulation sleeves
  • ● Rollers
  • ● Hazardous waste containers
  • ● Incinerator and furnace linings
  • ● Hot filters
  • ● Crucibles and crucible linings
  • ● High temperature platen insulation
  • ● Fabricated and specialty shapes for molten metal

  • Industries Served (in no particular order):

    • ● Chemical processing
    • ● Materials
    • ● Furnace OEM's
    • ● Waste processing
    • ● Government agencies and research laboratories
    • ● Automotive
    • ● Aerospace
    • ● Energy

    Accessory Products


    CG (Ceramic Gasket), CT (Ceramic Tapes), MB (Moldable Blankets), and High Performance Rigidizers are specialty high temperature products tailored for the harshest of environments.